EP60 Grazing & People

EP60 Grazing & People

Welcome back to the Rural Routes to Climate Solutions podcast’s Getting Through Drought series, which looks at the best management practices cow-calf producers in Alberta can use to build up the resiliency of their ranch against drought.  

For the remainder of the series, we’ll mainly be focusing on grazing management and adjusting grazing during a drought. To start things off, ranchers Blusette and Mark Campbell, out in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan joined us to share some of what they’ve learned about grazing and herd management.


  • 3:18 – Mark and Blusette share their experiences ranching at B-C Ranch.
  • 6:08 – Where does the name B-C Ranch come from?
  • 7:01 – The Campbells outline some of the environmental conditions they work with on the ranch.
  • 12:14 – What were the key differences between managing the herd and grass in a good year versus a drought year?
  • 17:32 – How do Mark and Blusette prepare for a drought?
  • 20:58 – What, from the drought of 2021, has stuck with them to this day?
  • 25:35 – The Campbells share nuggets of wisdom when it comes to the human side of drought planning and implementation
  • 31:08 – Final words of advice from the Campbells for getting through a drought.

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