EP27 The Lundgards

EP27 The Lundgards

Mary and Peter Lundgard have been influencers in the Alberta agricultural community for quite some time now. Their farm, Nature’s Way Farm in Grimshaw, has been a space for countless young and new farmers to spend a summer or two and to learn how to farm with nature. They produce some darn good food too.

Author Trina Moyles, who like the Lundgards is based in Peace country, chats to Peter and Mary in this one about the many, many things that are connected to how we produce our food like nutrition, soil biology and impacts on the climate. Mary and Peter are an absolute tour de force in this episode (our first one in 2020),  sharing profound thoughts on where agriculture is going and where it needs to go.

This is the second installment of our Farm Elders podcast series. Through this series we hope to capture the words, thoughts and knowledge of the agricultural producers in Alberta who have been lifelong stewards of the land. More stories like Mary and Peter Lundgard’s will be released soon.


(27:45) How exactly does one actually farm with nature? Mary explains.

(39:20) What it has been like and what it has meant for production to be farming during the forest fires the last few seasons.

(43:00) The Lundgards thoughts on how agriculture can be a climate solution.

(51:55) The sustainability of meat and of food production in general. Is it better for the land if agricultural producers are feeding the world or only their communities?

(1:05:50) Women and agriculture and the perception changes the Lundgards have seen over the years.

(1:20:00) The Lundgards discuss the high consumer demand for raw milk, the nutritional importance of animal fats and the need to potentially change our views on how we help the earth.

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