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The Rural Routes to Climate Solutions (RR2CS) Siksikaitsitapi Agriculture Project is an avenue for the Blackfoot Confederacy (or Siksikaitsitapi in Blackfoot) of Southern Alberta to highlight on-farm and on-ranch climate solutions (e.g. regenerative agriculture, farm energy efficiency, on-farm clean energy) on Blackfoot territory. This encompasses the Kainai, Piikani, and Siksika First Nations of the Blackfoot Confederacy located in Southern Alberta. Not only is there an emphasis on today’s agriculture producers in their communities, but also insight as to how each nation applies cultural traditional Blackfoot land base knowledge to farming and ranching.

The project highlights nation members and programs that have successfully worked within the confines of the Indian Act to provide agricultural production and moving in step with regenerative and climate-friendly agriculture practices.

The Siksikaitsitapi Agriculture Project provides learning and capacity building opportunities for the Blackfoot Confederacy in bringing the three First Nations together collectively so that they may share traditional land knowledge. This will ideally provide a platform to discuss current best practices in farming and ranching amongst Indigenous and non-Indigenous agriculture producers.

Rural Routes to Climate Solutions also recognizes the valuable roles other First Nations and the Metis play in land stewardship and traditional land-use knowledge in Alberta. We welcome the opportunity to run projects like the Siksikaitsitapi Agriculture Project in partnership with those First Nations and Metis communities in the future

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Organic Gardening & Beekeeping for Better Community Health

Norma Wolfchild, a member of the Blood Tribe, has spent nearly 20 years helping her community develop small business ventures, working with the Blood Tribe Economic Development as a small business development officer. After her husband was diagnosed with diabetes, she was determined to establish a healthier lifestyle with organic, nutrient-rich foods. She now has a thriving garden, a small horde of livestock and honey-producing bees.

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EP49 Bringing Back Iinnii

In this episode, knowledge holder Dr. Leroy Little Bear shares his work to restore the Iinnii. Little Bear sheds light on why this work is important, not only for the land but for the people and their connection with songs, ceremonies and stories centred around the Iinnii. He also highlights the importance of working together with the air, land, and water to foster the ideal environmental conditions we need to survive and thrive.

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