EP 68 Bacteria

EP 68 Bacteria

If you’re still wondering how best to incorporate regenerative technologies into your daily operations then you might need a crash course, or at least a motivating podcast episode, that speaks to the business of bacteria. In this kick-off episode of the Siksikaitsitapi Agriculture Project podcast series, we sit down with Joshua Day Chief to discuss how growing good bacteria can recharge your soil, plant and water health to make way for producing a better product.

Joshua is the CEO of Advanced Ag and has spent the last 22 years, alongside his mother Dr Phyliss Day Chief, and the rest of their behind-the-scenes team, researching and developing particular blends of bacteria that you can grow at home to enhance the natural process of cycling nutrients. The dynamic team stands behind their product ACFSR, and Joshua excitedly shares with us why we should know of it and why this particular bacteria can contribute to the goal of “producing better food” on a global scale, and how it can impact local communities, such as the Kainai Nation of which Joshua belongs.


  • 4:08 – Joshua Day Chief shares some information about himself.
  • 5:22 – What is Advanced Ag?
  • 18:54 – What do producers need to know about current soil and water issues?
  • 24:57 – What are Joshua’s thoughts on community health and its potential connection to regenerative agriculture?
  • 27:55 – How will the producer benefit from adopting regenerative agriculture?
  • 30:06 – What are the possible connections between Blackfoot culture and regenerative agriculture?

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