(Well, from the Farmer's laptop technically.) Here's what agricultural producers around Alberta are doing with climate solutions to build successful and resilient farms and ranches.

Hope Beneath Our Feet

Like any dying language, the remaining speakers are too often silent, or silenced. Should we choose to listen, we may hear their fluency through their tongues, but only the observant sees their language written on the land. This language is the relationship between humankind and Earth of a reciprocal kind – a relationship that models how living a human life can be a generative force and does not have to deplete the very entity necessary for life. Earth is our lifeline, yet it is the planet that is growing sick so economic health can be bolstered, the planet whose climate is unravelling into chaos because of unbridled greed and lack of foresight, the planet who sustains all life but whose pulse will grow weak should we continue living at her expense. Thick-tongued, clumsy speaker that I am, I understand that learning this language may be the most important task of

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What We Work On Around Climate Change

March 6th, 2018. Currently I am looking out at the record March snowfall in Calgary as I sit down to write some of the big ticket items our farm, Happiness By The Acre, has undertaken to tackle climate change. This bounty of moisture is almost enough to make one forget the last two years of drought on our land near Carstairs and the increase in extreme weather we’ve seen over the last decade or so. Every year it feels like the weather is more boom or bust, our on farm data collecting and that from Environment Canada agree. Things are changing. We are new to farming, this is my second career change, so we come to the land with a new and fresh relationship. Our faith moves us to a stewardship ethic, and to care for the gifts of land and life we have taken responsibility for. That forces us

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Energy Efficient Technology at Your Fingertips

Efficiency and sustainability. Two words that we have been hearing a lot of in the past couple of years. A quick look at Google Trends shows that these two words have followed the same interest lines throughout this year. This same Google Trends chart shows just how unique Alberta is when it comes to where our focus and priorities are. We are the only province, outside of the very Eastern part of Canada, which has more interest in the word efficiency than we do in the word sustainability. What if we could have the best of both worlds and have efficiency and sustainability tied together, to be able to achieve both simultaneously? With the cost share programs in place by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, this becomes entirely realistic. The first funding program that we will look at is the Farm Energy and Agri-Processing Program (FEAP). FEAP shares costs with both

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