EP49 Bringing Back Iinnii

EP49 Bringing Back Iinnii

In our first two episodes of this series, we looked at farming and ranching at the Kainai First Nation, located in Southern Alberta. If you’ve had a chance to listen, you may have noticed a theme – the importance of the Iinnii (buffalo). In this episode, knowledge holder Dr. Leroy Little Bear shares his work to restore the Iinnii. Little Bear sheds light on why this work is important, not only for the land but for the people and their connection with songs, ceremonies and stories centred around the Iinnii. He also highlights the importance of working together with the air, land, and water to foster the ideal environmental conditions we need to survive and thrive.

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If you haven’t had a chance, we encourage you to listen to the first two episodes of this series, Farming at Kainai and Ranching at Kainai.

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