EP50 50 More

EP50 50 More

We’re celebrating a pretty cool milestone – 50 podcast episodes! 

This episode is all about reflecting on the past and anticipating the future. We’ve covered so many great topics and had the most amazing speakers join us. While we can’t highlight or cover it all in our “podcast tour”, we picked ones that impacted the podcast’s trajectory. Since it took us 5 years to reach this milestone, we also wanted to look into the future and predict where regenerative agriculture in Alberta would be in the next 5 years. To do this, we enlisted the help of Kelly Sidoryk, Holistic Management Instructor with HMI. 

To wrap up our tour, the RR2CS team gathered and took a crack at determining where we thought the podcast, the organization and the progression of climate solutions would be in 2027. We’d love to hear your thoughts on where you think agriculture and climate solutions will be in 5 years. Also, if there are topics that you think we should highlight in our next 50 episodes, send us an email or message us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

A huge shoutout to Young Agrarians for partnering with us on this episode.


  • 4:50 – Highlights reel of our amazing podcast guests over the last 5 years

  • 6:57 – Kelly Sidoryk shares her journey to becoming a holistic management instructor and what changes she expects to happen in regenerative agriculture by 2027

  • 38:21 – How did the podcast got started – Episode 26 What We Do with Brenda Barritt

  • 47:15 – How biodiversity can help with on-farm resilience –  Episode 15 Ecosystem Services with Christine Campbell

  • 49:15 – Episode 20 The Brown Revolution with Dr. Kristine Nichols

  • 55:12 – The Farm Elder Series – Episode 25 with Don Ruzicka and Episode 27 with The Lundgards

  • 56:47 – Intentionally highlighting Blackfoot culture in Episode 30 Native Plants with Lori Brave Rock and William Singer III

  • 59:00 – Regenerative agriculture becomes a hot topic in Episode 33 Stories from The Peace with Ash Armstrong and Curt Hale

  • 1:02:23 – Highlight from Episode 36 Regenerative Potatoes with Brendon Rockey and Steve Kenyon

  • 1:05:20 – Discussion with the Rural Routes team on what has changed and what we hope to see in the future.

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