EP36 Regenerative Potatoes

EP36 Regenerative Potatoes

Potato farming isn’t exactly gentle on the land, so the idea of regenerative potato farming may seem like a contradiction. But Colorado-potato farmer Brendon Rockey has found a way to incorporate cover crops, companion crops and even livestock into his operation.

Alberta rancher Steve Kenyon has a coffee shop-style chat with Brendon about everything from soil health, biodiversity, cover crops and the need for certain paradigm shifts in agriculture.

Thank you to Gateway Research Organization (GRO) for providing us with this recording of Steve and Brandon’s conversation. Check out the rest of GRO’s Coffee Shop series on YouTube.


12:00 – nutrient cycling and bringing in the neighbor’s cattle to graze off your cover crop.

22:00 – increasing plant diversity was the biggest positive change made at Rockey Farms.

39:40 – Brendon reveals his favourite potatoes.

45:00 – companion crops affecting the subtle flavours in beer (hint: companion crops planted with barely).

1:10 – is it time for the coffee shop to become the place where you actually want to bring your new ideas for your farm or ranch?

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