EP47 The Regen Mindset

EP47 The Regen Mindset

Three Alberta agricultural producers discuss what the ‘regenerative mindset’ is and why it is important for those transitioning to regenerative agriculture. This episode features Daryl Chubb, Tim Wray and Sheldon Atwood.


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Alberta agricultural producers mentioned in this episode:

Tim Wray of WR Grazing (Irricana). Read about Tim’s story on our Farmer’s Blog.

Sheldon Atwood of Western Ranchlands Corporation (Tomahawk). More info.

Daryl Chubb (Irricana). More info.

Useful Links:

More information about the Rural Routes to Climate Solutions Regenerative Agriculture Lab can be found on the website.


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Coming soon! Our Farmer’s Blog is also the go-to source for stories of producers in Alberta who are going the extra mile with their management practices for the land, food and their communities.