EP 78 – Everybody Wins – SoR Part 10

EP 78 – Everybody Wins – SoR Part 10

Wrapping up our Stories of Regeneration tour, we land in Ottawa at Just Food Community Farm, a 150-acre farmstead located in Ottawa’s Greenbelt that is championing small-scale, viable agriculture businesses and initiatives like Chi Garden and Urban Fresh Produce.

Dedicated to cultivating a thriving local food economy and sustainable farming sector, Just Food integrates agroecology-based conservation with land stewardship. The farm is a testament to how community-led initiatives can redefine our food systems, offering food sovereignty for all, including newcomers to Canada. Its Start-up Farm Program addresses the critical barrier of land access, turning aspiring individuals into farmers and fostering community regeneration.

Highlighting this unique model, Chadwick Lewis (Urban Fresh Produce) and Sun Shan (Chi Garden), participants of the program, share their experiences in our series finale, underscoring the farm’s role in sustainable agriculture and community building.


  • 6:45 – What is Just Food Community Farm?
  • 15:25 – Chadwick and Sun Shan talk about their individual farms and how they got involved in agriculture.
  • 23:14 – What regenerative practices do they implement on their individual farms?
  • 34:33 – Sun Shan and Chadwick talk about food sovereignty.
  • 46:02 – How can we support new Canadians who want to get involved in agriculture and ensure economic viability?
  • 1:02:31 – Why did Sun Shan and Chadwick choose farming?

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