EP 77 – Healthy Food, Healthy Environment – SoR Part 9

EP 77 – Healthy Food, Healthy Environment – SoR Part 9

On the second-last stop in our Stories of Regeneration tour, we returned to Alberta, making a stop at Peony Farms in Lacombe.

Facing his daughter’s health issues, rancher Craig Cameron and his family turned to regenerative farming to grow the healthiest food possible for her. Craig, alongside his father-in-law Peter DenOudsten, shifted their traditional beef farm to a regenerative model. They now grow over 10 types of grass and clover, use less fertilizer, and produce some of the healthiest, most nutritious beef you can find.


  • 5:22 – Peter shares the history of Peony Farms.
  • 6:46 – How did Peter become aware of regenerative agriculture principles and practices?
  • 9:15 – Why did the farm start heading down the regenerative agriculture path?
  • 15:25 – Peter and Craig talk about the regenerative practices they use on the farm.
  • 22:48 – Have Peter and Craig seen benefits from implementing regenerative agriculture?
  • 25:06 – What is forage-finished beef?
  • 30:53 – Why raise piedmontese cattle?
  • 36:35 – Peter and Craig talk about testing.
  • 46:34 – What role can consumers play in supporting the adoption of regenerative agriculture?
  • 51:29 – What is the regenerative mindset?

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