Water Management: Pond Levelers Webinar
May 28th 2021

Water Management: Pond Levelers Webinar, May 28th, 2021 at 1 PM 

Hosted by Rural Routes to Climate Solutions 

Presenter: Katie McLachlan of Peace Country Beef and Forage Association 

Cost: FREE

There aren’t many animals that cause agricultural producers bigger headaches than Canada’s iconic animal – the beaver.  Many farmers spend valuable time using heavy equipment trying to discourage these persistent “ecosystem engineers” only to have their hard work dammed up again in no time.  We can’t lie, this little “water-farmer” can quickly flood fields and create ponds in some pretty inconvenient places for agricultural producers.  But maybe beavers and agricultural producers  have more in common than you think….what would happen if these two stewards of the land joined forces in water management on agricultural lands?

Peace Country Beef and Forage Association recently initiated a Beaver Pond Leveler pilot project to demonstrate ways that agricultural producers can actually save time and resources by working with beaver populations rather than against them on agricultural lands.   Katie McLachlan from PCBFA will be joining us to discuss the details of PCBFA’s pond leveler project, whether or not it was successful, and the feedback PCBFA has received from farmers in their areas.  Are pond levelers an effective way to reduce your beaver-induced headache?  Join us and Katie on May 28th to find out!


Want to learn more? Listen to our podcast episode Working Beaver featuring Dr. Glynnis Hood of the University of Alberta and find out if these frustrating little rodents might just be your new best friend.

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