EP10 Working Beavers

Canada’s iconic animal–the beaver–and agricultural producers are not always the best of friends. But they have more in common than you’d think. Beavers are ‘water farmers’ and ‘ecosystem system engineers’ much in the same way producers practicing good land management are stewards of the land. So what happens if these two sides join forces in water management on agricultural land?

Wetland ecologist Doctor Glynnis Hood of the University of Alberta goes over the benefits of having beavers on agricultural land and explains how to reduce beaver-farmer conflicts. And as an added bonus, you can listen to the story of Geronimo the skydiving beavers in this episode!


2002 Drought in the Prairies:

Report on Geronimo and Idaho’s other beavers who were air dropped:

Alberta Wetland Mitigation Directive, December 2018: