EP48 Ranching at Kainai

Cattle ranching on the Blood Reserve can be a rewarding endeavour, however, it comes with challenges. Mike Bruised Head from Kainai shares his experience and how climate change has impacted his ranching.

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Producing the Perfect Potato and Soil Health to Handle Environmental Stress—The Perry Farm—Chin, Alberta

If you’re enjoying a bag of potato chips in Western Canada, there’s a 1 in 5 chance the potatoes were grown by Harold Perry and his family at the Perry Family Farm, a fourth-generation operation located in Lethbridge County in southern Alberta.

Together, Harold and his brother, Chris, and his father, Gerald, work collaboratively as partners to manage 5000 acres of irrigated land producing potatoes—varieties of chippers, russets, and red Mozart potatoes—along with other field crops, including hard red spring wheat, winter wheat, barley, sunflowers, green peas, seed canola. The Perry family prioritizes environmental stewardship through their approach to soil management and a number of exciting renewable energy projects that they’re implementing on the farm.

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EP46 Ag Research Part Two

The thrilling conclusion of our exploration of post-secondary research and regenerative agriculture with Jason Bradley of Olds College and a solid lesson in asking ourselves why.

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