EP57 Riparian Accounts Part Two

EP57 Riparian Accounts Part Two

Riparian areas can be a value-added project of the wetlands on your land if you choose to leave your wetlands intact. The wetland itself is great for maintaining the water table and can become an important source of water for your cattle. 

The value added to a wetland that can be found in a riparian area is seemingly endless: water filtration, food for wild game, habitat for native pollinators and forage if you find yourself in a dry year.  

In this episode, you’ll be hearing from Art Goerzen of Adullam Ranch to get an additional perspective on why riparian areas can be handy in times of drought.


  • 1:28 – Art shares his backstory.
  • 8:43 – What lessons has Art learned from bale grazing?
  • 10:35 – What are some of the environmental factors that impact Adullam Ranch?
  • 13:11 – What is the “three layers system” and why is it a key part of Art’s drought plan?
  • 15:19 – How does Art manage the riparian areas on his land?
  • 18:01 – Art shares how his riparian areas helped his operation during the 2021 drought.
  • 24:24 – Art provides some words of advice when it comes to surviving drought.

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