EP3 Farming with Biodiversity
Part One

EP3 Farming with Biodiversity
Part One

Alberta’s farms and ranches are home to so much more than livestock and crops. From dung beetles to deer, crocuses to spruce trees, countless wildlife species live and thrive on agricultural land. In fact, the more diverse a farm or ranch is in plants and animals the more agricultural producers benefit. It is a win-win for producers and ecosystems.

Corrina Copp of the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute explains why maintaining biodiversity is so important and how agricultural producers and other citizen scientists can monitor it in Alberta


3:14 – What is biodiversity? Corrina Copp explains.

5:07 – The six natural regions of Alberta

9:15 – Tools farmers can use to monitor biodiversity on their land. Apps such as NatureLynx.

Useful Links:

NatureLynx App – https://naturelynx.ca/

Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute – https://www.abmi.ca/home.html

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