Rural Routes to Climate Solutions (RR2CS) is an Alberta-based initiative shining a spotlight on the climate solutions that farmers, ranchers and communities in rural Alberta can benefit from. RR2CS is happy to announce that we are seeking volunteers interested in becoming Advisers to our great team of community organizers, facilitators and communications specialists.

It is a pretty interesting time to join the advisory committee. Rural Routes is transitioning to becoming its own organization this year, our Regenerative Agriculture Lab (RAL) is moving into Phase 2 and we’ve made our first big attempt at truth and reconciliation and being better treaty partners through our Siksikaitsitapi Agriculture Project. Our advisers have been crucial in all this and so much more.

The advisory committee acts as a sounding board and a community connector for Rural Routes. Sometimes the Rural Routes team gets stuck and feedback from the advisory committee helps us get unstuck. Sometimes there are great climate solutions success stories in rural Alberta that our advisers know about before we do. Here are just a few examples of how recommendations from our advisory committee has helped shape Rural Routes:

  • the Organic Alberta Conference 2018 – Rural Routes organized close to a dozen sessions on agricultural climate solutions for the conference. The advisory committee came up with the topics and speakers for those sessions.
  • the advisory committee in 2020 encouraged our Solar Lab program to change its organizing model from one provincial Solar Lab coordinator for the entire province to multiple community Solar Lab coordinators spread across the province.
  • pre-launch, Rural Routes changed the focus of its social innovation lab (aka the Regenerative Agriculture Lab) from agricultural climate solutions to regenerative agriculture based on the advisory committee’s recommendation that 2020-2021 was the moment to have a discussion on how to advance regenerative agriculture in Alberta.

What do we look for when it comes to advisers? We are looking for Albertans with experience or expertise in one or more of these three areas:

1) Agriculture.

2) Rural community engagement.

3) Not-for-profit organization governance and structures.

If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us at adminrr2cs @ The advisory committee meets online once a month for 1-2 hours and is made up of volunteers.