Stories of Regeneration Podcast Trailer

Stories of Regeneration Podcast Trailer

During the growing season of 2023, the Rural Routes to Climate Solutions podcast travelled to ten farms and ranches across Canada to find out how regenerative agriculture principles were being applied by agricultural producers involved in different types of agriculture production: grains, livestock, viticulture, vegetables and fruit. What we discovered is that despite their differences in production, geography and climate, these producers actually had quite a bit in common.

The Stories of Regeneration series is a 10-episode podcast series is an in-depth look into the practices, motivations and lives of a dozen agricultural producers who are determined to remain profitable and regenerate the land, communities and ecosystems through their agricultural and agribusiness practices.

Stories of Regeneration is done in partnership with Regeneration Canada.

Want to learn more?

If you want to learn more about Stories of Regeneration, read Regenerating Rural Opportunities, our podcast host’s reflections and observations on regenerative agriculture while he was out on the open road recording. And to learn more about regenerative agriculture in Alberta, check out our Regenerative Agriculture Lab, which is working hard to advance regenerative agriculture in the province.

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