Polycultures: Harnessing Grazing Power August 10th, 2023

Polycultures: Harnessing Grazing Power August 10th, 2023

Event Name: Polycultures: Harnessing Grazing Power 

Location: Irish Creek Bison, near Elk Point, AB. (directions provided after registration)

When:  August 10th, 2023 from 9 AM to 4 PM 


Justin Dorey of Irish Creek Bison 

Avery Shepherd of Sunset Bison Ranch and the Saskatchewan Bison Association

Cost: $30

While regenerative agriculture can (and should) look different for every operation, many are now acknowledging its potential to help address several sustainability crises by sequestering carbon, supporting climatic, environmental and economic health, and creating employment and business opportunities. However, scaling the practice continues to face many obstacles.

Polycultures is a practice that plays an important role in the profitability of mixed farms.  It is essentially the practice of growing two or more crops at the same time for harvest. In terms of grazing, poly-crop blends are useful in reaching a number of grazing goals including increasing productivity, improving soil health, providing grazing, and perhaps even reducing the need for inputs such as fertilizer.

This event is a great opportunity for anyone who:

  • is on the fence about poly-cropping and don’t know where to start,
  • has dappled in the practice already but haven’t had much luck and need to ask some questions,
  • is an early adopter of poly-cropping and want to network with other poly-croppers in your community, or
  • is experienced with the practice and want to share your story

Join us for a full day of learning at Irish Creek Bison, where we will engage in meaningful discussion around poly-cropping.  Justin Dorey of Irish Creek Bison and Avery Shepherd of Sunset Bison Ranch and the Saskatchewan Bison Association will provide expertise based on their experience and share their insights on the role poly-cropping can play in regenerative agriculture.  We will be spending the day learning about poly-cropping including species selection, grazing practices, crop analysis and plant counting.

You will learn how to take actionable steps towards this regenerative agriculture practice through a hands-on learning approach with a community of other regenerative agriculture early adopters, enthusiasts, and undecided producers and ranchers a day filled with discussions, fieldwork sessions (rain or shine) and opportunities to connect with other producers. There will be lots of opportunities to ask questions, mingle, and have some coffee and treats. Dress for the weather, bring your boots and an open mind and we’ll see you there!

Lunch will be provided. Please email Marisa Schuebel with any dietary restrictions ahead of time.

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This field day is a great opportunity to learn more about poly-crop grazing practices happening in the Canadian prairies. We hope to see you there and feel free to invite your friends! 

Want to learn more? We recommend listening to our latest podcast on Covercrops.


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