Perennial Grain & Inter-Cropping Field Day
August 15th, 2019

Earlier this summer we got to help host a Perennial Grains workshop at the Breton Plots, but we don’t want to make the southern part of the province feel left out!

Date: Thursday August 15, 2019; 1pm – 4pm.
Location: Lethbridge Research Centre (AAFC) & Second Plot Site.
Presenter(s): Dr. Raja Ragupathy from the Lethbridge Research and Development Centre and Dr. Eric Bremer of Western Ag Innovations.
Cost: FREE.

To that end, we have teamed up with Dr. Raja Ragupathy from the Lethbridge Research and Development Centre. Dr Ragupathy is a research scientist with the AAFC where he has field trial plots of Kernza wheat and cross derivatives of annual wheat x wheat grass.

But that’s not all this field day will include!

We will also be visiting an intercropping field site of Dr. Eric Bremer who works with Western Ag Innovations. Dr. Bremer currently has oilseed-pulse intercrops on the go to evaluate elements like the impact of seeding rate and Nitrogen fertility. We will get to see his Mustard – Pea – Lentil plots and hear about his research on how the plants may benefit each other. Potential second bonus – they might be starting to harvest the plots around the date of our visit so yields may be accessible!

If any of this sounds interesting to you, definitely register now!

Want to learn more? We recommend listening to our Perennial Grain podcast episode with researcher Erin Daly of the University of Alberta in preparation for the field day.

Rural Routes to Climate Solutions (#RR2CS) is a program of the Stettler Learning Centre. We empower Alberta’s agricultural producers and the communities they live in with climate solutions. Our partners include Food Water Wellness Foundation, Young Agrarians, Organic Alberta and many farmers across the province!

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