EP62 Recharging Groundwater

EP62 Recharging Groundwater

In a drought, you’re probably more focused on the lack of water falling from the sky than the water table beneath your feet. We’re talking about the groundwater that contributes to the wells and wetlands that have various uses on ranches, from watering cattle to creating critical habitats for wildlife to providing water to do the dishes with. Making sure that the groundwater gets a chance to replenish during a wet year is a great little savings account for your ranch, your neighbors and your community during a dry year.

But what exactly is groundwater and what role does it play during a drought? We talk to University of Calgary professor Dr. Masaki Hiyashi in this episode to learn more about groundwater and why it’s important during dry times.



  • 1:52 – Dr. Hiyashi shares his personal connection with agriculture.
  • 3:10 – What is the Groundwater Recharge in the Prairies Project (GRIP)?
  • 4:27 – Dr. Hiyashi shares some interesting facts about groundwater replenishing in the Prairies.
  • 6:12 – What is groundwater?
  • 7:38 – Dr. Hiyashi shares the definition of drought.
  • 9:06 – Why did dugouts appear to be lower in 2022 than they were in 2021?
  • 11:35 – How long does it take for groundwater to recharge?
  • 13:04 – What can cow-calf producers do to help replenish their groundwater in preparation for drought?
  • 15:49 – Why do wetlands deplete the water table?
  • 18:06 – Dr. Hayashi provides recommendations on what to consider when it comes to management practices in relation to groundwater.

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