EP34 Intercropping

Intercropping can potentially result in higher yields, healthier soil and less chemical inputs, which likely results in a more resilient farm. Dr. Eric Bremer explains in this episode. Highlights: Useful Links: Andy Kirschenman’s (Hilda, AB) article on intercropping and companion cropping.
Intercropping: Experimenting for Diversity – Andy Kirschenman – Hilda, AB
University of Manitoba study on intercropping http://www.umanitoba.ca/outreach/naturalagriculture/articles/intercrop.html   Brief information on relay cropping https://dutchopeners.com/the-benefits-of-intercropping/   University of Regina study on dugouts sequestering nitrous oxide https://eos.org/articles/farm-ponds-sequester-greenhouse-gases   Government of Australia study on intercropping and companion cropping https://grdc.com.au/resources-and-publications/grdc-update-papers/tab-content/grdc-update-papers/2020/02/the-potential-role-of-companion-and-intercropping-systems-in-australian-grain-farming.-should-we-be-considering-them   More intercropping information https://www.realagriculture.com/2018/01/advice-for-getting-into-intercropping/   Want to learn more? Listen to our podcast episodes on Perennial Grain with University of Alberta Phd candidate Erin Daly, Soil Biology with Dr. Jeff Battigelli of the University of Alberta and The Brown Revolution with Dr. Kristine Nichols. For accounts from producers experimenting with different types of cropping systems read Andy Kirschenman’s article and listen to our podcast episodes Organic No-till and Adaptive Agriculture.