EP19 Monetizing Food Waste

EP19 Monetizing Food Waste

Food waste is not normally something you’d think you could make a buck off of, if you are an agricultural producer. Don’t get us wrong, producers are pretty inventive when it comes to using what they and the land produce and ensuring as much of an animal or crop doesn’t go to waste. At the end of the day, producers can’t control what consumers want to buy. For the moment, consumers want mainly food that looks a certain way and sold at fairly low prices.

Aman Adatia, CEO of Fare Community, a new Calgary-based social enterprise gearing up to make its mark in the food and beverage industry, believes how we view food waste (he prefers to call it food surplus) needs to change if we are to tackle issues like economic inefficiencies, social injustices and climate change. Converting what we usually think of as food waste into value-added products, whether it is apples with blemishes or cuts of beef that are usually turned into ground, is one of the keys to turning this situation around.

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