EP16 Christ. Climate. Farm

There’s quite a few ‘rock star’ agricultural producers in North America who are motivated to be good land stewards because of their faith. You know, guys like Wendel Berry, Joel Salatin or Wes Jackson who find inspiration in Christian teachings. Our podcast host got to wondering one day where in the Bible does it say agricultural producers should be good stewards of the land or that people should do their bit to tackle a big global problem like climate change. Our host didn’t have the answers, so he asked Jerremie Clyde, owner of Little Loaves Farm in Sundre, Alberta, to share his views on the matter. Turns out there’s quite a bit in the Bible about both, depending on your interpretation that is.

Join us and listen to possibly our most unique podcast episode yet as our host and Jerremie take a deep dive into Christian teachings and where they intersect with agriculture and climate solutions.