Cover Crop Custom Blends April 13th, 2022

Cover Crop Custom Blends April 13th, 2022

Topic: Cover Crop Custom Blends

Date: April 13th at 1:00PM 

Presenter: Kevin Elmy

Cost: FREE

Join Young Agrarians and Rural Routes to Climate Solutions to learn all about the steps and thought processes when designing cover crop blend creations for your farm. This webinar will go over how to create blends to improve water infiltration, suppress weeds, minimize erosion, improve soil nutrient availability, build organic matter, and reduce insects or disease. We will also learn how soil texture, salinity, existing trees, grass, or sloughs, other natural and introduced features, and current plants and weeds affect your custom cover crop blends.

Kevin Elmy of Friendly Acres Seed Farm will be joining us to share his wealth of information on the subject. In addition to the seed farm, Kevin is also the author of Cover Cropping in Western Canada, as well as a cover crop consultant for Imperial Seeds. He is also the Founder of Cover Crops Canada and the soil health director for Carbon Sync. Kevin believes that cover cropping is part of a bigger picture to reduce tillage, reduce synthetics, increase plant diversity, livestock integration, as well as maintain a green plant in the soil for as many days as possible. Kevin is passionate about helping farmers find systems that work for their own unique needs so bring you’re definitely going to want to bring your questions to this one!

This webinar is a great opportunity to learn more about cover crops in Alberta.  We hope to see you there and feel free to invite your friends!  Want to learn more? We recommend listening to our podcast, The Brown Revolution.


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