Building Resilient Farms Workshop
March 21st, 2020 – Bruderheim, AB

Building Resilient Farms Workshop
March 21st, 2020 – Bruderheim, AB

When:  March 21st, 2020

Where: Bruderheim, AB

Bruderheim Memorial Community Hall

5014 Queen Street, Bruderheim, AB, T0B 0S0

Presenters:     Canadian Rockies Hemp Corporation

                                 Jeff Battigelli, Soil Biology

                                 Erin Daly, Perennial Grains

                                 Dr. Edward Bork,  Carbon Storage in Grasslands and AMP grazing

Rural Routes to Climate Solutions and Resilient Rurals are holding a full-day workshop in Bruderheim, AB on the various ways to build resiliency on your farm.  Learn how rural Albertans are using soil biology, perennial grains, hemp growing, and AMP grazing to reap the benefits of climate solutions for their farms and their communities.  We will have a presentation on hemp from Canadian Rockies Hemp Corporation,  as well as  presentations focusing on soil biology, perennial grains, and AMP grazing from Jeff Battigelli, PhD candidate Erin Daly, and Dr.  Edward Bork, all from the University of Alberta.

This workshop is ideal for any rural farmer wanting to learn more about the impacts of maintaining healthy soils on their farms by implementing climate solutions that benefit both their operations and the land.  Lunch and coffee will be provided!

Want to learn more?  We recommend listening to our podcast episodes on Soil Biology, Perennial Grains, and AMP Grazing.

Rural Routes to Climate Solutions (#RR2CS) is a program of the Stettler Adult Learning Centre. We empower agricultural producers in rural Alberta with climate solutions that benefit farms and ranches. Our partners include Food Water Wellness Foundation, Young Agrarians, Organic Alberta and many farmers across the province! 

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