Agroforestry Webinar
September 26th, 2019

We recently got back from an Agroforestry Field Day in Leduc County where we learned all about the innovative research being done by the University of Alberta on shelter-belts, eco-buffers, and CO2 emissions from the soil. We also learned about what the Agroforestry and Woodlot Extension Society of Alberta is doing to maintain mature shelter-belts and incorporate new eco-buffer practices into the landscape. For those of you who couldn’t make it, or if you just want to dive into the science behind agroforestry a little more, this webinar is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the benefits of agroforestry in Alberta agriculture.

Date: Thursday September 26th, 2019; 12pm-2pm
Presenter: Cole Gross , Phd Student at the University of Alberta
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Agroforestry is a land use management system in which trees or shrubs are grown around or among crops or pastureland. This intentional combination of agriculture and forestry has varied benefits, including increased biodiversity and reduced erosion. The most common form of agroforestry that is seen in Alberta is the shelter-belt, but the science behind agroforestry includes much more that planting trees in rows, and includes eco-buffers, alley cropping, and silvo-pastoral systems. If this interests you, join our webinar and find out more about the impressive benefits of agroforestry!

The webinar will be led by Cole Gross, PhD student at the University of Alberta, who is currently conducting research examining how planting trees and mixing organic additives into soils affect emissions of greenhouse gases from agricultural activities, the controls on soil carbon cycling, and the ability of the surface and deep soil to capture and store carbon. Cole’s presentation will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes and then we’ll have 1.5 hours for Q&A and group discussion. Rural Routes to Climate Solutions events always have great group discussions.

Want to learn more? We recommend listening to our Agroforestry podcast episode in preparation for the webinar.

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