Acreage Owners and Climate Solutions Webinar
June 4th 2021

Acreage Owners and Climate Solutions Webinar
June 4th 2021

Acreage Owners and Climate Solutions, June 4th, 2021 at 2 PM 

Hosted by Rural Routes to Climate Solutions 

Presenter: Milena McWatt of the Land Stewardship Centre and Brenda Barritt of Earthworks Farm.  

Cost: FREE

We often focus on farmer’s and producer’s roles in climate change mitigation and how climate solutions can also be farm solutions.  With more and more people choosing to live rurally, acreage owners are starting to play a significant role in climate change mitigation, too.  Often, acreage owners don’t have the same access to resources that can help them achieve their climate solutions goals and many are first time rural residents hungry for information on climate friendly practices that can be scaled down for smaller properties. 

Milena McWatt of the Land Stewardship Centre will be discussing the Greener Acreages Program and the opportunities available to acreage owners to help them implement some of these climate friendly changes on their properties.  Join us and Milena to learn how the Green Acreages Program can support responsible land stewardship, drought and flood resiliency efforts among acreage owners across Alberta.  

We will also be joined by Brenda Barritt of Earth Works Farm, near Alix, Alberta.  Brenda and her family aim to promote ecosystems that nourish biodiversity and a healthy life through their farming activities.  She will be talking to us about what overgrazing is, how to know when it is happening in your pasture, and practices you can take to improve your pastures when it has been overgrazed.  Whether you have horses, a few sheep or goats, alpacas, or even a milk cow on your property, you’ll want to hear what Brenda has to say about preventing overgrazing.


Want to learn more? Listen to our podcast episode AMP Grazing featuring Dr. Edward Bork and PhD Student Jessica Grenke.
Rural Routes to Climate Solutions (#RR2CS) is a program of the Stettler Adult Learning Centre. We empower agricultural producers in rural Alberta with climate solutions that benefit farms and ranches. Our partners include Food Water Wellness Foundation, Young Agrarians, Organic Alberta and many farmers across the province. 

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