Polycultures In Practice – A Day in the Field

Are you ready to enhance your farming practices with innovative solutions for feed and soil health? Join us on July 5th in Coalhurst, Alberta, for an engaging and informative field day filled with guest speakers, practical advice and plenty of networking opportunities.

Project Manager – Regenerative Agriculture Lab

Are you a whirlwind of innovative thinking, a champion of change, and deeply passionate about regenerative agriculture? Does your spirit find joy in the idea of shaping the future of farming and rural development? Do you see the immense value in collective action and empowering communities to drive sustainable progress?

If you’re nodding along, we’ve got the perfect role for you!

Project Director

As the Projects Director, you’ll be at the heart of our efforts. You’ll play a pivotal role by steering and guiding our projects, engaging stakeholders, and securing funding and exploring alternative income streams that propel us forward.

EP66 Polycultures

Have you ever found yourself scratching your head trying to make sense of all those terms like polycultures, cocktail crops, intercropping, cover crops, companion cropping, and relay crops? It’s understandable! They all seem to be part of the vast landscape of good land stewardship practices, like sustainable agriculture, organic agriculture, agroecology, permaculture, and regenerative agriculture. Oh, and let’s not forget our personal favorite—agricultural climate solutions. But here’s the thing: are these different systems truly distinct, or are they more closely related than we think?