Peace Energy Renewable Energy Cooperative

We are thrilled to partner with Peace Energy Renewable Energy Cooperative (PEC) in Peace River, Alberta.

Peace Energy Cooperative (PEC) works closely with different Municipalities both in Alberta and British Columbia. They provide consulting and full solar installation to home-owners and communities. PEC helps home-owners evaluate solar energy options, providing consulting services for basic or advanced arrays. They also carry a full lineup of inverters, solar panels and associated parts and pieces.

Peace Energy Cooperative is your opportunity to become an active part in the global shift to renewable energy. As one of more than 560 members, you are making a difference NOW, staying informed locally and globally, and being an important part of something that really matters.

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Peace River

The Peace Energy Renewable Energy Cooperative (PEC) is the first in western Canada. Over 590+ of PEC members share a common vision: a clean energy world filled with hope and opportunity. Since 2003, PEC has been shaping a better future powered by the limitless, clean renewable energies of wind and solar. Peace Energy Coop members are working together to make this a practical reality, for today and forever.