Inter-Cropping Webinar
January 25th, 2020

Intercropping at its heart is a method to increase biodiversity on cropland.
It is just one of the names given to planting more than one crop together that help each other out. Other terms you may have heard are cover cropping and polycropping. Have any of these piqued your interest before? Well, this webinar is for you!

Date: January 25th, 2020; 12pm – 2pm.
Presenter: Eric Bremer, PhD. Western Ag Innovations.
Cost: FREE

There are a variety of reasons agricultural producers might use intercropping:

– multiple plant species can help benefit the soil;

– it can help provide nutritional requirements for one another;

– protection against insect infestation;

– boosting plant health and disease resistance;

– providing structural support for the plants as they grow and;

– extending the grazing season for livestock by providing a forage available after harvest.

All this can add up to an increase in yield, which nobody is going to say no to right?

Join us to chat with Dr. Eric Bremer as he discusses his research on intercropping. Dr. Bremer has been interested in intercropping since he was just a young grad student and has used this interest to get more involved in intercropping research in recent years. You may remember him from our Perennial Grains & Intercropping field day so if you have any further questions, here’s your chance!

Or maybe you couldn’t make it to the field day so have many, many questions! Like what are some of the benefits of multiple crops? Can intercropping boost nitrogen efficiency and yields? Do intercrops have an impact on nitrogen fixation?

Want to learn more? Check out our Agroforestry podcast episode with agroforestry special Gary Bank to find out how intercropping with trees and shrubs can have positive effects on production. This might give you an insight into some of the things Dr. Bremer may discuss during his webinar!

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